Helping You At Each Step & Stage 


Launch a great beginning

  • Establishing nonprofit structures - Framing an infrastructure to operate a 501 c 3 & functions to implement in the first year;

  • Systems for stewardship - Overview of procedures, practices & data documentation to run a fundraising program;

  • How philanthropy works - Learning "why" donors give steers how you identify and cultivate supporters;

  • Fundamentals of grant-writing - How to prepare proposals that persuade donors to give in the way they give best;

  • Formulating a Board - Covering incremental steps to begin nonprofit governance;

  • Nonprofit life cycle - Calibrating start-up expectations to the stages of nonprofit development;

  • Foundational best practices - Paths to nurture the ethos & ethics of an excellent nonprofit.


Keep growing & going strong

  • Monitoring progress - Benchmarks to keep your mission advancing & accountable for maximum outcomes;

  • Assessment & capacity building - Analysis of assets and areas for improvement to move your agency forward;

  • Effective vision casting & sustaining mission momentum - Projecting the relevance & uniqueness of your nonprofit to propel progress;

  • Charting & coordinating fundraising campaigns - Guidance on operating, capital & endowment campaigns;

  • Leadership & team development - Ways to grow talents of administrators, staff, Board members & volunteers;

  • Project management - How to optimize planning, execution & stewardship of small to large projects;

  • Revitalizing the work culture - Revisiting beliefs & values that birthed your mission to reinvigorate your team today;

  • Business planning for progress - Learn how to project budgets that synch with the varied stages of your agency's development;

  • Donor retention - Crafting the mindset & methods to keep donors engaged in your mission's unfolding story.



with the future in mind

  • Strategic planning - Formulating ambitious yet attainable goals to steer your agency to its next steps and stages;

  • Change management - Anticipating & articulating transitions so your nonprofit adapts readily to new possibilities, perspectives & practices;

  • Succession planning - Addressing scenarios & sequences that ensure a nonprofit's future segue of leadership;

  • Nonprofit permanencyExtending your agency's brand beyond today's personalities & performance;

  • Planned Giving - Avenues to attract legacy donors.



"my goal is to motivate, coach, advise, and equip you so that you can think through each issue in an intentional way and then you can take action."

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