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After years of serving in ministry and in the social sector, I'm beginning to write about lessons learned along the way.  For starters, I'm sharing some of my personal perspectives and principles on my blog, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter and Instagram @JoeMazzu3. Here is a sample... 


on integrity

  • Society expects exemplary ethics, empathy & ethos in the social sector. Exceed the expectations.

  • High stakes: If a brand is the promise you make with stakeholders, make a promise you can keep. Always.

  • God is in the details.  And in the data you're keeping.  Steward it as a sacred trust & means of advancing the greater good.

on philanthropy

  • Old school manners: Donor relations hang on two words.  "Thank you." Become fluent in gratitude.

  • In the DNA of every donation is a motive, message or quest for meaning. Decipher & understand your donor.

  • No shortcuts to signficant philanthropic partnerships. Work at it. They are worth the "wait" in gold.


on nonprofits

  • A nonprofit profits all when it defines what is most necessary, noble & nonnegotiable for all.

  • Relevance means the world is waiting for your mission to come to the rescue. Reverse gravity. Now.

  • When the curious, conscientious & concerned can stand it no longer, a cause is born. 



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