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Contact Joe Mazzu to clarify and confirm what your need is. Explore how Intentional Consulting LLC might be able to assist. Select services to address your specific needs. Then Intentional Consulting LLC will formalize an agreement for an arrangement that suits you best.


Options include:

Phone & Video conferencing

Need to tap into accessible training, troubleshooting or trusted advice? You can schedule a single session or an ongoing arrangement with Joe. He'll make every minute count. Helping you stay focused as your agency advances in the better and best direction.

On-site Sessions

If you're in metro Houston, consider a set of consulting sessions with Joe at your site or other convenient location. These short-term arrangements are always thorough. Always thoughtful. Joe wants to help you think through each issue in an intentional way and then take action.

Conferences, Retreats & Group sessions

Whether it's your leaders, boards, staff, volunteers, supporters or organization's members, Joe is an expert at integrating information and inspiration on a variety of themes and topics. Helping everyone size up the challenge. Set a course of action. Seize the opportunities ahead.

speaking engagements

A seasoned public speaker, Joe shares motivational messages based on years of service in ministry and nonprofit sectors. Weaving stories and experiences of a lifetime, he'll take your audience on adventures of the heart, soul and mind. They'll leave thinking deeper and higher about what matters most in life. And taking action to make it happen.  

"intentional is my personal watchword and belief steering the opportunity to work with you."

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