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Helping nonprofits think intentionally & take action

In addition to bringing almost six decades of life, educational, ministry and nonprofit experience to your project, I also bring my faith and my convictions. INTENTIONAL is my personal watchword and belief steering the opportunity to work with you. INTENTIONAL = deliberate, planned, calculated, studied, purposeful, "done on purpose," disciplined, strategic and pro-active.  My goal at Intentional Consulting LLC is to motivate, coach, advise, and equip you so that your nonprofit can think through each issue in an INTENTIONAL way and then take action.

joe g. mazzu, iii
intentional consulting llc

"need help thinking through an issue & taking action? i can help you at each step. at each stage."

helping at each step. helping at each stage.


  • Specialized & customized arrangements

  • Start-up steps to launch a nonprofit

  • Ways to keep an agency growing & going strong

  • Strategic guidance with a mission's future in mind

  • Phone & video conferencing making every minute count

  • On-site sessions that are thorough & thoughtful

  • Addressing conferences, retreats & group sessions

  • Motivational talks that leave audiences thinking & taking action

  • Sharing a philosophy to inform & inspire

  • Blogging about real life in the social sector

  • Extending the greater good in Houston & beyond

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"the solution may be only a few ideas away.  a few actions ahead."

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After years of serving in ministry and in the social sector, I'm beginning to write about lessons learned along the way, and sharing some of my personal perspectives and principles on my blog.

more about menu of services

In addition to advising your ministry and nonprofit in better and best practices, Intentional Consulting LLC offers services in specific and customized focus areas.

my story

Houston is my hometown, and the world is my parish.  And this next chapter of life is dedicated to continued service to others and for God's glory.

ready to get started?

It's time to take that first step and start taking action.  Let's clarify and confirm what your need is, and explore how Intentional Consulting LLC might be able to assist.


My client groups represent a spectrum of nonprofits and ministries in the greater Houston area and beyond.  Learn more about some of these who are thinking intentionally and taking action.

"intentional consulting llc can help you. think. take actionAt each step. at each stage."

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